Upcoming releases and news from Denver

The Clarion User conference was a great success. I presented the keynote remotely, and in this post I’ll cover the highlights of the presentation.

First on the Clarion for Windows Win32 side – I mentioned that the next release for Clarion 7 will be version 7.3, and in that release we’ll deliver several key RTL bug fixes and additional fixes for ReportWriter and the IDE. The 7.3 release will be ready to go out around mid-month.  I also did a brief demo of Clarion8, I only touched upon some of the new features already implemented, such as the new “edit as text” mode for the Data pad, and the new locators added to every list in the Dictionary editor (and added to the Data pad as well).  I also announced that we’ll be making an early access release for Clarion8 available to everyone with a subscription, and that will be ready by the end of this month.

On the .Net side I showed a short preview of the .Net Application Generator UI, and Pierre did further demonstrations during the conference. I explained that we are busy writing the .Net templates – and that the process of writing and testing the templates leads to bug fixes in the code generation engine.  With lots of hard work, and a bit of luck, we hope you’ll see a beta release in December.  I also mentioned that we’ll be putting all the templates (.Net and Win32) into a repository that will be open to the community. Doing this will allow Clarion developers instant access to the latest templates, and any template fixes or changes, and it will also allow Clarion developers to contribute their own templates and to participate in extending and refining existing templates. Later this week I’ll post another blog with some screenshots of the AppGen.Net UI – and as always we look forward to your feedback.

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  1. Hi,

    RE: Extending and refining existing templates:

    Opening the templates to the community is extremely welcomed. This will allow a lot of things to be fixed and refined at a very fast pace (because of the community) and give everyone much better template support. This is very good.

    1. How are you going to go about integrating these community changes into the vanilla/shrinked wrapped templates being installed by SV? Meaning, since the same template can be in a change at the same time or someone may download an older version and submit a change – is there going to be someone in charge of keeping up with the community changes and rolling them in? This is only helpful if someone at SV can quickly rolled these changed into the production version.

    2. How are you going to keep up the documentation with the changes made by the community with regards to templates?

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