Monthly Archives: January 2012

What’s coming up

We’re currently working on updates for both Clarion 8 and Clarion.Net.  On the C8 side we’re focusing on the first maintenance release for 2012 – lots of bug fixes and some popular feature requests.  On the .Net side we’re working on the next iteration of the 3-tier templates for both desktop and ASP.Net apps.  Additionally we’re adding the option to use the Clarion LINQ provider as the data model, bringing in ABC-like FILE access to your TPS (and other ISAM) tables.  We’ve simplified the steps needed to create the 3-tier app such that running the wizard creates both the model and the base application – and attaches all required extensions automatically.  End result – you won’t have to do much more than just select your Dictionary and then select the data model.  And if you choose the Clarion.Linq model there is no ADO.Net connection to configure.

We expect to release C8 next week to external testers, and a general release to follow the week after.  We’ll be ready to release the updated T4 templates around the same timeline, and once we’ve firmed up the changes we’ll schedule a webinar on ClarionLive.  The webinar will focus on how to use the templates (as opposed to how to write T4 templates).