Monthly Archives: August 2013

Force DLLs to be copied to target

Clarion 9 has a new feature: you can now force dlls to be copied to the destination directory of the .Exe using the LibAlwaysCopyList.xml file located in the <appdata>\SoftVelocity\Clarion\9.0 folder.  Normally all required DLLs are copied based on the contents of 2 nodes in your project; the Database drivers node and the ‘Libraries, Objects and Resources’ node.  However, if you change the link mode to do a ‘Lib’ link (as opposed to the default Dll link) then typically you don’t need any DLLs copied.  However if your .lib was created against a non-Clarion DLL, then you need the .Dll for loading at runtime.  This feature allows you to force the .Dll to be copied.