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Clarion Newsgroups are moving to a new provider

Over the next 24 hours we’ll be moving the newsgroups to a new provider, we’ll have more bandwidth and a better server, but with the move will come a new IP address, so depending on how fast your own provider gets DNS updates into their system, you may have a short period where your client news reader software may not resolve to the new IP address. So don’t panic if it happens that you can’t connect for a short period, we use a top-level DNS provider so it should propagate very quickly. In order to ensure that no messages are lost during the transition to the new server we’ll take the existing server offline for a short period for a full backup and deployment to the new server.


En las proximas 24 hs el servidor del Newsgroup se va a mudar a otro servidor, el nuevo servidor va a tener mejor ancho de banda y va a ser un mejor servidor.
El nuevo servidor tiene una direccion IP diferente y va a depender de cuan rapido se propague el cambio de IP, y es posible que el acceso al NG este fuera de linea por un tiempo.
Esperamos que para maniana esto este terminado.
Si por algun motivo no pueden conectarse al NG no se asusten esto sera por un corto periodo de tiempo.
Durante los momentos de la transicion el actual servidor sera puesto fuera de linea
para poder hacer un backup y que no queden mensajes sin mover y todo sera instalado en el nuevo servidor.

Nas próximas 24 horas o servidor de Newsgroup está se movendo para outro servidor.
O novo servidor terá uma melhor largura de banda e será um servidor melhor.
O novo servidor tem um IP diferente e está possível que o acesso ao NG está fora de linha por um tempo.
Nós esperamos que maniana está acabado.
Se por algum motivo não podem se conectar a NG não está assustado.
Durante os momentos de transição que o servidor atual será desligado para fazer um cópia de segurança, e não deixado de lado e todas as mensagens serão instalados no novo servidor.

Discussion Server Status

Good morning,

The Discussion Server is currently down for maintenance. We expect to have it online shorlty, and will keep you posted here on this group.

We apologize for the inconvenience. You can still call our office or email us if you need Technical Support or any other assistance.


Update! The server is back online at 1:30 EST – again sorry for the delay and inconvenience.

Clarion newsgroup access

All Clarion newsgroups now require an authenticated login, we no longer support anonymous access. If you are using the dedicated SoftVelocity Discussions client software you are already authenticated. If you are connecting with any NNTP client program (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc) you will need to enter in your login information (the same information you would enter if you used the Discussion client software).  If you can’t find your login information just drop us an email at sales @ softvelocity dot com, and we’ll send it to you.

Clarion 7.3 Released

Tonight we released to the public Clarion 7.3 and the related add-on drivers (IMDD, DFD, and IPD)

First and foremost, a heartfelt thanks goes out to all of our 3rd Party Developers and Vendors, who helped to make this release the absolute best that it can be. We simply could not have done it without you!

At first glance, the read me file contains close to 140 fixes and enhancements since the last Clarion 7.2 release.

We at SoftVelocity know that you will enjoy using this latest update of Clarion, but get ready as there is no rest here at the home office as the next line of great development products are coming very soon. Expect another announcement in the next couple of days regarding the early pre-release of Clarion 8.

Also, the updated Examples install will be updated and is scheduled to go out on Monday.

On behalf of the entire SV staff, have a great weekend!