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Clarion 7.2 – Menus

We’re getting Clarion 7.2 ready for release, and I thought I’d make a few posts and talk about the changes and new features. Version 7 already has support for creating a very nice UI on your menu’s, and we recently added a couple new menu styles and support for using a 3d vertical separator. Using the Menu Styles lets you provide the exact same UI for your menu’s across all supported operating systems. No matter what OS your application is deployed on you have complete control of the menu colors and overall style.

Now in 7.2 we’ll introduce new support to make your applications use the OS menu’s. The new support doesn’t use the MenuStyleManager class, its only requirement is that your App is properly manifested, and with that your menus will match the menus on the users operating system. Here are some screen shots taken from different operating systems.







and for those who prefer using the C7 MenuStyleManager class you can be sure we’ll continue to enhance it, so that you’ll have complete consistency in your menu’s across operating systems