Monthly Archives: February 2012

Webinar this Friday (Feb 24)

This weeks ClarionLive webinar will focus on quickly putting any of your data onto the web, without knowing (or using) any ADO.Net, and with minimal ASP.Net knowledge.  This expansion on the ASP.Net templates uses your Clarion Dictionary to specify which tables to offer up over the web, and uses the Clarion database drivers for all file access.  This means you can put your .TPS file data and other ISAM data into reach for remote users.  Of course you can use any Clarion drivers, so your SQL data plays equally well. This webinar will focus on using the templates, but we’ll reserve a little time at the end to answer questions regarding writing T4 templates.

If we have sufficient time we’ll show a couple of new features in C8, and then we may have time to ask  webinar attendees a few questions to regarding Windows 8.

The next C8 release is still going through internal testing, and is also out in the hands of several external beta testers.  If the feedback is good, we’ll release it this coming Friday.  We’ll definitely be releasing a new Clarion.Net build with the latest fixes and enhancements to the T4 AppGen (and the latest templates) this coming Friday.