Monthly Archives: November 2011

.Net AppGen presentation

We’ll be on Clarion Live! on November 30 at 9-11am (Pacific Time) doing a .Net AppGen presentation, and again on December 16th to pickup wherever we leave off (plus to answer any questions),

Topics for 11/30

An Introduction to AppGen.Net – covering the .Net template registry, WinForm app and WebForm Wizard and code generation, the object datasource data access layer shared by winform/webform, working in AppGen using the current templates both Winform and Webform, writing, editing and debugging the .Net T4 templates and (time permitting) using Subversion to get updates. (presenters: Robert, Diego and Pierre)

And don’t worry if you can’t be there for the live webinar, the presentation is recorded and usually available within 24 hours.  A new Clarion.Net release (with the new .Net AppGen) will be available the same day after the webinar or the day after.

Updates still coming

While the stand-alone ReportWriter is out and available now, we delayed the C8 release to review a report from a dev who had a pre-release and reported a potential problem with some aspects of swapping Reports from/to Landscape mode. We’re also holding onto the AppGen.Net release to finesse a wrinkle with ASP.Net web project files and creation of the IIS virtual dir. We’re working this weekend with the hope and expectation that both releases can go out in the beginning of the next week. Sorry from all of us!

Veterans Day

Today is the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year, and in the U.S., where I live, it is Veterans Day. It’s a day to honor all those who have served our country. Whether they saw combat, or served during times of peace, all who have worn the uniform of any of the five branches of the U.S. Military, are heroes and we salute them.

Report Writer, Clarion.Net and C8

We have a busy week coming up next week. The end-user version of Report Writer will be officially available for purchase, we have a new release of C8 scheduled, and we’ll do the first release of the .Net AppGen. This weekend we’ll setup the SVN repository for the .Net templates and next week we’ll push out a new Clarion.Net install with the .Net AppGen. We plan to do a video tutorial for template writers and the following week, after folks have had a chance to get their feet wet, we’ll do a webinar to answer template writing questions, and questions on using the templates.