Monthly Archives: March 2015

Clarion 10 – beta 5

Clarion 10 – beta 5 is on its way out.  In addition to bug fixes this release has the new template support for the TCP/IP Sockets class.  So now you can easily create a socket server and clients, and communicate by sending messages or data to individual stations or broadcast to all connected clients. (EE only)

The examples install was also updated and includes a sample ‘Chat’ app, that uses the new sockets templates. If you previously installed the new C10 examples, please uninstall the old examples as we have revamped the folder structure and removed some older examples (for email and SMS) that referenced INCLUDE files that had been renamed (hence they will fail to compile).

The JSON class is also updated and adds new some new functionality for nested GROUPs and conversion of empty strings to the JSON keyword value ‘null’. (JSON class is EE only)

We also corrected a problem in the Amazon S3 example. (S3 support is EE only)