Thoughts of Denver CLDC 2010

Almost a week has passed since I first landed in Denver for the start of the 2010 Clarion Live Developer’s Conference. As I am still traveling this week across the heartland visiting friends and relatives. I wanted to share with you my thoughts that have stayed with me in these past few days.

First, it was great to see and catch up with a lot of the Clarion developers from years past, some of them who I haven’t seen since the last developer’s conference in Orlando 2004 and Gatlinburg in 2005. With nearly 100 people in attendance, it was hard to meet and talk to everyone, but I think that I got close to doing that.

I was honored to be a presenter and help to kick off the conference in the first two days as a representative of SoftVelocity. My colleague Pierre Tremblay gave the last technical presentation of the conference and helped to end it on a very high note as attendees got a first look at the Application Generator for Clarion.NET.

But in between our presentations were session after session of great technical presentations by well respected Clarion users like Bruce Johnson, Mike Hanson, Rick Martin, Shawn Mason and many more. The presentations were “linear”, which meant that nothing was missed and often went on very late into the night.

I was unable to catch a lot of the presentations, but all are recorded and available for download on ClarionLive. The reason that I missed them was due to the time that I spent in the Solutions room, getting feedback from many attendees and just stopping by to say Hi and talk about all things SoftVelocity. What we could show them with the soon to be released Clarion 8 and Clarion.NET was encouraging and energizing to all.

So I left the conference energized and refreshed as well. The attendees seemed to “get it” and know that there are great things in store for SoftVelocity and Clarion users coming very soon.

I will be flying home in less than 24 hours now, and I can’t wait to get started.

Robert Zaunere will be blogging soon regarding Clarion 8, Clarion 7.3 and more. Again, thank you to everyone that could be at the conference. It was great to see you again and we hope to see you again in 2011.

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  1. It was good to see you Bob! As for that last ETC conference, I believe it was in the spring of 2004, prior to the last Clarion conference in the fall in Orlando. My eldest son was a few months old at the time, so it formed a strong mental snapshot. He and my wife were with me at ETC, but they decided not to accompany me to Orlando. Then again, I might be wrong.

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