Monthly Archives: September 2016

C10 update is out

Today (Sept 28) we released an update to Clarion 10 (free to all subscribers). This build fixes a problem (regression from a recent build) with the code generated by the compiler to push DECIMAL CONSTANTs with a fractional part to the decimal stack (affected both Decimal and Real data types).

And for those publishing web apps using H5, the App Broker has a fix for handling MEMO fields (> ~2500 chars) where you might get a time-out during an update.

Clarion 10 updated

We just released today (Sept 23) an update for Clarion 10. This build corrects a regression in the ODBC driver layer that affected TABLEs that had defined DECIMAL fields in the FILE structure that were smaller than the definition(s) in the SQL database. It also delivers fixes and new features for the H5 web app layer. You can read all the changes here

Clarion 10 new release is out

We just released (September 13) an update to Clarion 10; build 12327. We’ve updated the H5 template again in response to your feedback, including support for a javascript calendar and a date-time selector. There is more control from the template on the html output, and a lot of new functionality that you requested. The build also has some key fixes for the ODBC driver, and the SQLite driver.

You can read about all the changes here.