Monthly Archives: November 2017

C10 Update released (November 17)

Today we released another C10 update (build 12799). It’s a small number of fixes primarily aimed at correcting 2 regressions introduced in the prior release (12760 with 150+ fixes/changes/features). It also fixes a couple issues that were isolated to only occur on Windows Server editions, and with some very specific coding conditions.

Here is a link to the readme file with the fixes/changes of both builds.

C10 update released (Nov 8)

Today we released another update for C10. It’s a big release with over 150+ fixes/changes/features. the release includes some small but useful features like export to JSON from Topscan, option to display the Owner/password in Topscan -when Owner is visible as text Copy/Paste is available. (Password icon toggles ON/OFF), improvements to the SystemString and JSON classes, better error handling in the SQL drivers, and much more.

Aside from future bug fixes H5 is now considered code complete. Though we are always looking for feedback and new ideas on areas that we can improve. We’ve also updated the App Broker to use LibreSSL that offers better performance, stability and improved security. LibreSSL is a fork from the OpenSSL stack.

If you want to deliver your app to mobile/tablet devices, give H5 for a try, it takes only minutes to see the possibilities. It also works great on the desktop while at the same time completely changing the UIX of your app.

Read about all the changes in this release here