Monthly Archives: February 2019

Clarion 11 update released

Today we are releasing an update for C11. It’s a fairly large update with close to 125 fixes/changes/new features!

Here are a few items from the readme file:

FEATURE: You can now trap calls to the transaction handling functions LOGOUT, COMMIT, and ROLLBACK without having to attach a file callback to every file. To do this you use SYSTEM{PROP:TransactionHook}. (details on how to implement are in the updated Help file)

FEATURE: Adding a .dct.BinaryImport file into a directory will turn on automatic import/export for dct files. Similarly the existence
of a .app.BinaryImport file will turn on import/export of app files. This file can be empty or contain multiple lines with each line being a
file pattern to match files. If the file is empty, then all dct/app files will be imported/exported. Otherwise only files that match at least one of the file patterns will be imported/exported.

FEATURE: Control Template Pad now has a Locator to search the registered control templates.

FEATURE: ABC/Clarion chain: Additional Sort Assisted Order now includes the option to “Force NoCase (Case Insensitive)” for the sort order,
supported in Browse, Vcr form, Report process

There’s a lot more, and you can review all the fixes/changes/new features here