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Example-Demo Apps

We are asking for some help from the Clarion developer community. In my prior post I announced the new Clarion Community Edition along with a new free online training course. What we could use some help with is creating some new example/demo Apps. Any App that shows off some specific functionality of Clarion, whether its simple or advanced, would be welcomed. The App can use either the ABC or Clarion template chains, and ideally uses the SQLite driver. If you use a different driver its no problem, we’ll change it to use SQLite. And it doesn’t have to be an .APP, hand coded programs are also welcome. We are looking to get some nice new apps with a modern looking UI — this will help the launch of the Community Edition. If you’re able to help us with this project we ask that you zip up your contribution and upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive (or your own server) and then email with the URL and a note on what your example demonstrates. Thanks in advance to everyone who is able to help us!

Clarion Community Edition

Over the next days I’ll be sharing news about announcements we made at the conference (CIDC 2019).

As the title suggest we are introducing a new, and totally free, Clarion Community Edition. Here are the details:

  • It’s not a Trial version (it never expires)
  • Database Drivers:
    • SQLite, Dos, Ascii, Basic
  • Templates: Both ABC and Clarion chains
  • The only limitations are:
    • No ability to add any additional database drivers
    • No ability to register any additional Templates

This is a great opportunity for members of the Clarion community to get fellow developers who are using other tools to try out Clarion. If every Clarion dev could get ONE new developer to get a copy, we can double the size of the community! Also, if you are a Clarion developer who is using an older version of Clarion this is your opportunity to see what you’ve been missing out on.

We’ll also be making a free training course available on one of the online learning platforms. The course will be designed to teach the essentials of Clarion; both the IDE (Data Dictionary, AppGen, using embeds, and much more.) as well as the language itself.

We expect to release the new edition late October, or early November.

Clarion 11 update released

Today we are releasing an update for C11. It’s a fairly large update with close to 125 fixes/changes/new features!

Here are a few items from the readme file:

FEATURE: You can now trap calls to the transaction handling functions LOGOUT, COMMIT, and ROLLBACK without having to attach a file callback to every file. To do this you use SYSTEM{PROP:TransactionHook}. (details on how to implement are in the updated Help file)

FEATURE: Adding a .dct.BinaryImport file into a directory will turn on automatic import/export for dct files. Similarly the existence
of a .app.BinaryImport file will turn on import/export of app files. This file can be empty or contain multiple lines with each line being a
file pattern to match files. If the file is empty, then all dct/app files will be imported/exported. Otherwise only files that match at least one of the file patterns will be imported/exported.

FEATURE: Control Template Pad now has a Locator to search the registered control templates.

FEATURE: ABC/Clarion chain: Additional Sort Assisted Order now includes the option to “Force NoCase (Case Insensitive)” for the sort order,
supported in Browse, Vcr form, Report process

There’s a lot more, and you can review all the fixes/changes/new features here

Clarion IP Driver version 11

When we updated the IP Driver for version 11 we made two important changes; we moved from OpenSSL to LibreSSL, and (*as of version 11) the IP Server/Driver only supports secure data communications (SSL/TLS). This is covered in both the driver reference manual and the online help file, but it is easy to explain with these screenshots:

IP Server manager



Here we specify two ports; the port used by the RMadmin program, and the port used by the Clarion desktop client app.

Specify the 2 ports for the IP Server

IP Driver ports

When connecting to the server for admin work; registering data managers, etc., we connect using the RMadmin program on the ‘Administrator Port’, and in our Clarion client app we specify to connect on the ‘Client Secure Port’. You can choose any ports that are open on your machine, just be sure your firewall allows traffic on the ports you specify.


Clarion 11 gold release today!

The first beta release of C11 went out in early September, and today we are making it official, Clarion 11 gold release is out today! We are sending emails out to all Clarion devs with a current subscription. You will love the improved Template UI, as well as a ton of new features, and productivity improvements in the IDE. Please remember to renew your subscription before the end of October.  Renew your CSP

Review the latest fixes/changes/features here

Clarion 11 RC 2 released

Today’s release is the second “release candidate”, so if you haven’t yet tested with the prior C11 pre-release(s), it would be a good time to review this build. There are a number of fixes/changes and a few new features. You can review the readme with the complete list of features/fixes/changes from here

We are just days away from having a C11 gold release!


Clarion 11 RC1 – update

The Clarion 11 Release Candidate (RC1) was delayed from its delivery on Monday. The two main reasons were a bug report about slower load time for Solutions containing a large number of .APP files (regression), and a report about slow load times in very large .DCT files for the initial selection of a column (old existing issue). In the readme file these correspond with:

CHANGE: A Solution with multiple Applications now gets loaded much faster than earlier Clarion versions. NOTE: Only ONE project with the name the same as the primary App/SLN should exist in the Solution (this would apply for the presence of an item with the same name but with a different file extension)

FIX: DCT Editor was very slow on initial display of the Field/Column information for Columns defined as Derived Columns, if the Table also had Aliases

In debugging the DCT problem, we decided to make it easier to find these types of problems, and to do that we needed a feature. So, now we have this new feature:

FEATURE: Dictionary Editor Options (Tools->Options->Clarion->Dictionary Editor) new option to display the Parent Table next to the Derived columns

Which looks like this (new DCT option):


FEATURE: OpenFileViaRedirection Dialog now supports writing/pasting a Folder name instead of a file, and it will then open the regular OpenFile Dialog in that directory with the *.* filter selected.

For the File->Open (New Open via RED file):

There are several other important changes/fixes – and all are listed in the readme file.

Clarion 11 RC1 out today

The pre-release Clarion 11 has been a complete success. With only one important regression reported (hidden/missing Tabs on the new Procedure Template dialog). We’ll be releasing an update today to resolve that issue plus a few smaller issues. Today’s release should be considered a release candidate, so if you haven’t yet tested with the C11 pre-release(s), it would be a good time to review this build. In other words we are very close to having a C11 gold release!

We continue our work on the future RTL and compiler, and the compatibility issues we need to resolve. When we deem it ready (after the gold release) we’ll initiate a separate external beta testing program, so that we can assure a seamless experience for all Clarion developers.

Clarion 11 – pre-release to all

Today we are sending out an updated pre-release of Clarion 11 to all developers with a current subscription. Earlier pre-release’s were sent out to allow the Clarion 3rd party community the opportunity to modify their template UI to take advantage of the change to the Template dialog widths. While no changes are “required” (all template functionality is 100% backward compatible), many 3rd party developers have begun to improve their template UI.

When you install C11 and open any of your Apps, you can take a look at the core Template dialogs to see the types of changes that we made on our templates. All reported issues from the early releases have been resolved and we expect the transition to version 11 to be fast and easy.