7.2 Released

Notifications are going out now, and 7.2 will be in your hands shortly. There are many really great improvements in this release; from the OS style Menus, new additions to the MenuStyleManager class, and of course the new ReportWriter.  I’ve posted blogs on most of these, you can use these links to review them or just check the “Clarion News” category;


7.2 has a great list of new features and many good bug fixes, you can see the complete list of features/changes and fixes here.

Please take note of this excerpt from the readme file:

Release Notes:
– 3rd party component DLLs must be rebuilt with the Clarion 7.2 compiler and runtime.

– The .APP file format has been updated in this release and .App files opened in 7.2 cannot be opened with prior versions. When you open your. App file for editing you’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to convert it to 7.2 format. If you have a multi-APP Solution, you can initiate a generate all from within the Applications pad, and as each App is opened you’ll be prompted to confirm you want to convert to 7.2 format.

We’ll be posting a lot more about the new Report Writer, but if you haven’t already used it be sure to take a look when you get 7.2. And if you haven’t even had time to start it up, here’s a couple screen shots (click on them to see full size)