Coming up with 7.2

There was a recent thread in the news group where a lot of people were saying how much they used (and missed) the availability of a list of an Applications’ Procedures. Seems that code completion wasn’t the best option when you can’t remember the name of the Procedure. And its quite understandable when you have many many procedures, possibly hundreds, in your .App. So thanks to some quick work by Diego, Scott and Alexey, we were able to slip this this new feature into the 7.2 release; the Data pad now has a “Procedures” node, and when selected it lists all template based procedures, the Procedures node is only activated when you are in any of the editors, and dbl-clicking on a procedure name in the list inserts the procedure name into the editor. The Procedures list also has a Windows Explorer style incremental locator.


5 thoughts on “Coming up with 7.2

  1. Parameters really are important. I can remember the procedure name (most of the time) but not all the parameters or at least the order as well as type and if there is a default. Procedures usually need parameters if you write decent code.

    Be nice to be able to jump to the source from the embeditor too 🙂 You usually only need to change procedures when you want to use them and find out why. Embeditor “jumping” would be the next great IDE leap forward. Jumping back would the step after that.

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  3. Nice addition! Of course you know full well we’re never satisfied and we’ll need prototypes/parameters to go with this list… eventually. What’s been added is a great start.


  4. I like what looks like a procedure locator. I wish all the locators in C7 looked like that. Files in the dictionary, procedures in the procedure tree, etc. Entry locators.

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