Clarion 11.1 and AnyScreen 1.2 are released today

Latest update to Clarion is going out today, along with a major update for AnyScreen. There are some key features in the RTL for this release :

We back ported the event handling code from C12 into C11. The purpose is to avoid inter-thread SendMessage API calls. SendMessage can be dangerous in a multi-threaded environment because it isn’t thread-safe, and can result in deadlocks, but its needed for communication between threads.

We added a new public interface for working with Reports. When you implement the new IRpt interface the methods are automatically called by the RTL. You can read about it in the 11.1 Help file, just type “IRpt” into the index.

C11.1 has implemented much lower level support for AnyScreen. This has allowed for expanded functionality in AnyScreen, and faster performance.

Due to compiler changes, and renumbering of some property values, the 11.1 release requires all program components be rebuilt. If you use any 3rd party tools that ship blackbox binary files you’ll want to get the latest update for those tools.

You can read the complete list of changes/fixes and features here

AnyScreen has had a major update. Not only does it provide a large number of fixes, it implements a large number of community requests for added functionality. A lot of hard work went into this release, and a lot of deep testing from a great group of volunteers.

You can read the complete list of changes/fixes and features in AnyScreen here

Thanks to everyone who helped with testing this release!