Update for 7.1

An update for 7.1 is going out today, there are no new features introduced in this release, but there is a change (for the better) that you’ll soon have:

CHANGE: Code generation only executes from the application tree window, this prevents generation with partial or unsaved changes and ensures consistency for code generation.

What this new change boils down to is a subtle (or not so subtle, depending on your work style) change to where and when you can initiate code generation. In all previous releases the IDE was very loose about allowing you to initiate code generation from just about anywhere within the Application Generator dialogs and supporting components (Designers, Embed Editor, etc.), without consideration for the current state of uncommitted changes, and unfortunately this flexibility opened up avenues for introducing problems into the generated code. Imagine if you changed a Window or Report and exited the Designer, now the structure has changed but you haven’t committed the changes at the Procedure level, but while still on Procedure Properties you execute code generation. What should generate? Should AppGen somehow restore the old structure (probably not what you want), or auto-commit the changes to the Procedure, again not a decision that should happen without an explicit choice by the developer. The implemented solution for this is very simple, the AppGen will inform you to return to the main window, which in turn forces you to either save the partial changes or abort them. The result is 100% consistency in the generated code, at the cost of having to make an explicit decision to save or abort changes at the Procedure level. Besides this change (for the better and safer) there are a good number of other fixes. You can read the entire list here