Summer sale and SMP is back!

In case you didn’t receive the email (and with the sea of spam I’ll bet many of you didn’t get it), and if you haven’t visited the “Special Offers” page on the website, you should know that we have some really nice offers going on right now; for a limited time – you can save up to $450 (ends on June 21st).

And not only are we offering great discounts on Core Subscription renewals, we’re also giving away free copies of our new training course “Inside the Clarion 7 IDE”, and offering free access to our new Application Migrations Assist (AMA) service. The new Application Migrations Assist service provides you with the option to invite one of our support technicians to log into your machine, and help you work through any migration issue you might run into – it’s expert help and advice right on your desktop.

And if you hadn’t heard, we brought back the Simple Maintenance Plan (SMP), and we have a one-time offer of $75 off that subscription (and you get the new Training course and AMA service). Hop on over to the special offers page, and get the full details on the new training course, and the discounts available. But you better do it soon, because these offers expire June 21, 2010

The new Clarion 7.2 IDE is the platform for the future of all Clarion development, now is your best chance to get into it and keep pace with the future of Clarion.