Product downloads and access to Internal builds

We’ve received some requests via email that have prompted us to start a new project this week; a secured website membership component. We have two goals to accomplish; first we’ll provide the ability to log in to our website and download products that you own, retrieve serial numbers for same, and get the newest updates to the Help files, and second you’ll be able to log in and have access to pre-release internal builds. We’ll make internal builds available for both Clarion 7 (Win32) and Clarion# (.Net). We have started the work on an implementation of a website membership project to be built on top of ASP.NET’s SQLmembership Provider with the UI built with AJAX. We’ll be using it to control the access to the product downloads and to the internal builds, and we’ll also be shipping the secured website membership component as source code with Clarion.Net (and of course we’ll be using it with the .Net App generator).

Access to internal builds will be open to anyone with a current subscription. Once the project is launched we’ll initially try to make internal builds available on a bi-weekly basis (weekly builds are also a possibility). You’ll have access to the change log, and if you see a fix or a feature become available that’s important to you – you’ll have the option to download the corresponding internal build. And by the way, if there happens to be a change to the RTL or compiler that would require your 3rd party tools be rebuilt (this is a fairly rare occurrence), it’ll be duly noted in the change log.

We’ll also be increasing the frequency of publishing maintenance releases (this too was requested in several emails), and we expect to make a new 7.1.x release available at the end of this week.

12 thoughts on “Product downloads and access to Internal builds

  1. Excellent news!. 2010 is shaping up to be “the” year for SV and Clarion developers. Your hard work is appreciated.

  2. Cool!

    Does…”(and of course we’ll be using it with the .Net App generator).”
    …mean that the website system will be available and used during development and testing of the .net builds?

    1. Geoff, not sure that I understand the question. What I meant was there will be a template that uses
      the membership component for Web Apps that require a validated login.

  3. This is a good option and will help us test and debug without the pressure felt during the last 6 months.

    Didier G. Le Duc
    Francened sarl

  4. This is terrific news! Just FYI, I am using Clarion 7.1 exclusively now and it is working very well for me (using C7 as the IDE for my C6.3 project). Little glitches here and there, but I suspect with more frequent releases those will go away in due time. I like this whole idea, I’m ready to login 🙂

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