New functionality challenges new release

The new functionality I mentioned in the previous post took a bite out of our planned release timeline.  The functionality in question is the .Net implementation of our Win32 BrowseBox Behavior implementation.  We had aimed to have the support implemented across platforms (desktop/web) and across the data access models (ADO,Linq,FileDrivers).   This is what we have for the web side:

BrowseBox Behavior for the web


as you can see its very similar to what we have on the Win32 side of things.  For ASP.Net there are some new properties that are needed.  In particular we have to account for the stateless environment – each page access occurs as if it were the first time it has ever happened.   Hence the options for where the page will get its range limit value (as shown in the dropdown – and sure to expand shortly).

The BrowseBox Behavior implementation will bring a lot of code-free functionality to your web and desktop apps.  We’ll wrap this up tomorrow and release with whatever functionality exists (check the readme for the release state).

Another area where you’ll notice a huge improvement is the processing of the T4 template registry – it is now about 90% faster!

And we also have some nice news for the upcoming Win32 release but I’ll post about that tomorrow.