Flicker – zapped

We know that some users had a real issue with controls repainting under Win7 and causing an annoying “flicker”.  The problem was a side effect of a workaround we introduced to compensate for a change MS did for Aero support which started in Vista, and to many seemed to worsen to a large degree in Win7.  We’ve been working on it as a part of a much larger body of work for the entire window handling code (menu, MDI, SDI, et al). We recently sent out internal builds to a few users whose apps were “flickering” and giving them fits, and I’m happy to say that they’ve reported back with excellent results – one user was reportedly spontaneously dancing around the office after seeing the results on his app (and no, I won’t say who he or she is) but you’ll see it for yourself (or rather not see it :)) in the next release.