Easing into Clarion 7 – Part 8 of 9 – Where’s my Property Editor?

In the Clarion 6 Window and Report Formatters, there is a special Property Editor (F12 Key) utility where properties of multiple controls could be viewed and modified:


In Clarion 7, the Property Editor is no longer needed, and has been replaced by the new Properties Pad:


Open this pad in the IDE at any time by pressing the F4 Key. The properties that you will view are based on what IDE element is currently selected. Usually this is a WINDOW, REPORT, or a control, but it could also be one of many project elements.

The new Property Pad is easier to use, displays more information in one view, and is more flexible. You can sort alphabetically or by category. To update properties common to multiple controls, simply lasso or select the target controls in the Designer and change all properties as needed.



Many property values are comprised of a finite set of choices (i.e., colors), or sometimes just a “TRUE” or “FALSE” value. Use your mouse or cursor keys to navigate to a target property value, and then click or press the space bar to cycle through valid choices.