Clarion.Net updates

We just released an update for Clarion#, the release features our new  LINQToFileProvider along with a few examples that should get you going pretty well.  We’ll post some documentation on the LINQToFileProvider here within a few days, but the examples are a good way to start getting familiar with this powerful tool.

Also if you haven’t already done so – be sure to look at the Class Diagrammer.  Open any Solution select the Project node in the Solution Explorer and right-click to create the Class Diagram. You can use the Class Diagramer to create new class files or work with existing classes. From the design surface you can add fields,properties,events and methods, and a dbl-click on any element in the class opens the appropriate source file and positions to that element.

The Class Diagramer is a great tool for when you are creating custom user controls, and is especially useful for the Compact Framework. Our CF Form Designer can work with asmmeta files created in MS VS and vice versa MS VS CF form designer now can use CF user controls created in our IDE. We also added a new file template CFDesignerTimeAttributes that allows using our CF custom user controls in the MS.

The basic steps are:

– create a CF User Control project
– design the control in the Form Designer
– add a new item to the project using the Compact Framework Design Time Attribute File  template
– use the Class Diagrammer to add all required information about the control’s properties and events attributes
– compile the project
– Genasm will be launched automatically and an appropriate asmmeta will be generated.

We’ll have a thorough tutorial on all this in the next update for the Clarion# By Example course. In the mean time explore it and see what it can do for your development.

Happy New Year to all in the Clarion community!