Clarion 11.1 updated and AnyScreen 2.0 released

We have an update for Clarion 11.1 and a new version of AnyScreen (v2.0). This build fixes an elusive bug in the MS Sql driver, and well as other fixes. A new feature introduced in this build is a new Pragma “eol_is_space”, here’s an excerpt from the Help file that describes it:

PRAGMA (‘option(eol_is_space => on | off)’) W

If the pragma is ON, end-of-line characters inside a string literal are treated as whitespaces allowing string literals to be multi-line. This option is useful for embedding non-Clarion code, such as Javascript, HTML, and SQL scripts.

There are three requirements, (1) the last line of the assignment statement (the closing single quote) must be terminated with a semi-colon, and (2) you cannot have a WINDOW,REPORT,FILE or VIEW defined within the source code where the pragma is ON, (3) the embedded string literal has a maximum length of 64K.

Compiler Error: if the string literal is longer than 64K the compiler posts the error:
“Invalid string (misused <…> or {…}, or literal is too long)”


  PRAGMA ('option(eol_is_space => on)')
  V = '
        <div ng-controller="ExampleController" class="expressions">
          <input type="text" ng-model="expr" size="80"/>
          <button ng-click="addExp(expr)">Evaluate</button>
           <li ng-repeat="expr in exprs track by $index">
             [ <a href="" ng-click="removeExp($index)">X</a> ]
             <code>{{expr}}</code> => <span ng-bind="$parent.$eval(expr)"></span>

       ';  !terminate with semi-colon
  PRAGMA ('option(eol_is_space => off)')

The use of this new pragma allows for some very useful functionality in AnyScreen 2.0. Essentially you can now embed blocks of HTML and Javascript using copy/paste with no restrictions on special characters used with the pragma block.

The install includes a new example that shows how to embed an HTML editor, Code editor, Video player, Google Maps, Signature capture and the Canvas object.

Load up the example app from Clarion\accessory\examples\AnyScreenDemo\ and you can see it in action. Here’s a screen shot:

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