C11 update released

Today we are releasing an update for C11. This is a maintenance release with some important fixes and changes, some improvements, and some new features. We’ve added support for the latest ODBC interfaces from Microsoft to the MSSQL driver, added support for the OPT attribute on SQL keys, and optimized the SQL drivers such that setting a filter with INLIST gets converted to “var IN (field, field, …) rather than evaluating the field locally. We’ve also made BUFFER more efficient across all SQL drivers.

But the biggest new “feature” in this release, is that we have integrated the Developer edition of AnyScreen into both EE and PE. AnyScreen is our newest tool for making your Clarion app available for web and mobile devices. The integration allows all Clarion devs the opportunity to see their application running in a Browser. The only restriction in the AnyScreen developer edition is that you can only connect via the local server. If you are interested to see how your app looks when running in a Browser check this post for the details on how to get it running (its very easy).

To review all the changes in this release please check the readme file here