7.1 preliminary release notes and a Happy Thanksgiving!

This week we have been working hard on the final testing and closedown of Clarion 7.1.  The Development and QA teams both feel that the release will be ready within 2 weeks, maximum.  We will also be issuing an update to Clarion.Net and to the Clarion# by Example course within the same timeframe.

Thanks for your patience in waiting for this release; the best development environment in the history of Clarion, and you can look forward to more new and better things just around the corner as we ready to release the Clarion.NET application generator in the first quarter of 2010.

In the text below you’ll find a list of features, improvements, changes, resolved PTSS reports, and internal fixes that we’ll deliver in 7.1. All told there are more then 60 new features or improvements, and another 340+ changes and fixes.

(Our office will be closed from 11/26 thru 11/29 for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and will reopen on Monday, November 30th.)

7.1 preliminary release notes

FEATURE: New Property Grid features; supports tab key navigation, display of checkboxes for true/false values, provides a spinbox for integers, supports undo/redo, auto-expand of child properties, and more…

FEATURE: Tooltip control now supports “Themes”  (uses the OS theme)

FEATURE: Built-in Windows 7 manifest support in the linker

FEATURE: Generated Manifest support for Windows 7 in the templates

FEATURE: .APP auto-save and crash recovery functionality

FEATURE: Window Previewer now compiles and executes your window in a live program with user-defined data

FEATURE: If you enter the Designers by pressing either the Window or Report buttons on the main application tree view, you return directly to the application tree view when you have finished using the Designer.

FEATURE: TPSFix now supports fixing TPS files encrypted with enhanced encryption

FEATURE: Tab Order Assistant: new buttons; move first/last, show in code order, show in z-order

FEATURE: IDE Data Browser, added a toolbar button to sllow to specify Picture token, Heading, and Justification (also available from right-click Context Menu)

FEATURE: There are now “Expand All” and “Contract All” buttons on the trees in the Data pad and Dictionary editor

FEATURE: C7 implementation of MASK input;  closely follows behavior of previous Clarion versions

FEATURE: The MSSQL driver now supports the extra data types added in MSSQL 2008

FEATURE: Ability to run a utility template using clarioncl by supplying a /aru switch plus the name of the app the utility template is run against plus the name of the utility template

FEATURE: Ability to set the ODBC Catalog and Schema when importing/synchronizing tables from an ODBC data source

FEATURE: Ability to add multiple pre and post build events to a project using #PROJECT

FEATURE: Ability to open multiple solutions that access the same dictionary in multiple instances of the IDE

FEATURE: Ability to set the tab style that the window previewer will use via the tools/options/clarion/window previewer panel.

FEATURE: The most recent list is now preserved even if the IDE crashes and if you have multiple copies of the IDE open, the most recent list will show the most recent from all copies of the IDE

FEATURE: The MSSQL driver was not prioritizing the new “SQL Server Native Client” ODBC driver before the “SQL Server” ODBC driver, thus not allowing MARS support on machines that had both of these installed and the “SQL Server” driver appeared in the registered driver list before the “SQL Server Native Client” driver

FEATURE: The driver string builder for ODBC based drivers now allows you to set the ZERODATE switch to any date value

FEATURE: Added Examples on how to work with XML in C71 using the XMLGenerator and the new QuickXMLParser

FEATURE: Allow all major comparison operators in COMPILE/OMIT expressions.

FEATURE: App and Dct files are automatically created if their text representation exists and the App or Dct file is in the list of files to be automatically imported

FEATURE: DataPad: When a group or queue has focus in the dictionary editor or data pad; Ability to add a field to the start of the group/queue, to the end of the group/queue or after the group/queue using either the context menu, the insert key or the drop down list on the add button on the toolbar

FEATURE: Designer allows you to launch >1 preview window (simultaneously)

FEATURE: If printer supports printing of multiple copies, the RTL restricts max value of PROPPRINT:Copies to max number of copies reported by the printer driver

FEATURE: More tool tips added to the TopSpeed driver string builder dialog

FEATURE: New IMenuStyle property – menubar gradient mode. The setting has effect only if normal menubar background brush is a horizontal gradient brush. If gradient mode is set to BarGradientMode:Rightmost (default), the gradient is applied to right edge of rightmost menubar item without the RIGHT attribute. If gradient mode is set to BarGradientMode:Full, the gradient is applied to the entire menubar

FEATURE: New built-in GETREGSUBKEYS function to gather names of all sub-keys of a given registry key

FEATURE: New PROP:TextLeftMargin and PROP:TextRightMargin properties for ENTRY, SPIN, COMBO, TEXT, RTF controls and for drop-down list-boxes

FEATURE: New flag in the EXP file’s MANIFEST directive: ISOLATION_AWARE

FEATURE: New SETEXITCODE and GETEXITCODE built-in functions to set/query program’s exit code (error level) without necessity to close the program immediately

FEATURE: New MSGMODE:FIXEDFONT flag in the last parameter of the MESSAGE function to show message text using the fixed-pitch font

FEATURE: New built-in GETREGVALUES function to gather names of all values of given registry key

FEATURE: New zone value returned by PROPLIST:MouseXXXZone properties: LISTZONE:GroupHeader if mouse moved/clicked inside the header but outside any particular field’s part of the header.

FEATURE: Incremental Search Timeout Option in the DCT options Dialog to set the value used in the DCT/Data Pad tree locator

FEATURE: Ask Before Partial Save Option in the DCT options Dialog option to enable/disable the Message asking for confirmation of the Column’s changed values. When disabled the Save and Cancel buttons will be disabled in the Entity Browser and no dialog will pop-up asking to Save. The changes will always be saved to memory.

FEATURE: PROP:LastChanceHook SYSTEM property

FEATURE: Subversion features of the IDE will use the text representation of a dictionary rather than the binary Dct, if the Dct is registered for auto import/export

FEATURE: Subversion options can be accessed via the context menu for Clarion for Windows projects

FEATURE: When copying and pasting the details of a field that has an initial value from the dictionary editor or the data pad, the definition now includes the default value where possible.

FEATURE: You can specify Dct files are automatically imported and exported to text format.  See the Tools/Options/General/Binary File auto-export/import dialog for how to configure this

FEATURE: Ability to set enhanced encryption driver string options using the … button for the TopSpeed driver in the dictionary editor

FEATURE: Ability to add into the NAME attribute of a field or a blob in an SQL table | SELECTNAME=value, | UPDATENAME=value, or | INSERTNAME=value to specify alternate names for the field/blob that the driver will use when generating a SELECT, UPDATE, or INSERT statement.

FEATURE: Ability to set headers of pool fields to blank and when you derive from them the headers of the derived field are not destroyed

FEATURE: Ability to copy field definitions from source code and paste them into either the data pad or the dictionary editor

FEATURE: Ability to generate apps/solutions from the command line using Clarioncl

FEATURE: Ability to use substitution of exported name in the EXPORTS section of the EXP file. The entry in the EXPORTS section can have format [<substitution name>=]<external name> @?

FEATURE: new built-in functions; FREEZE (SIGNED feq),SIGNED; UNFREEZE (SIGNED feq, SIGNED state)

FEATURE: New attribute for procedure prototypes and static variables declarations: EXPORT. The EXPORT attribute forces the variable or procedure to be added to the export list of the DLL even if it is not listed in the EXPORTS section of the EXP file.

FEATURE: new attribute “PASCAL” value for #RUNDLL. The WIN32 attribute is deprecated (its ignored if present) and is replaced with the new attribute “PASCAL”. If parameter string is passed to a function invoked by #RUNDLL with the PASCAL attribute, its address only is passed, i.e. *CSTRING,RAW rather than *CSTRING for #RUNDLL without the PASCAL attribute. If called function is changing value of passed string new value cannot exceed 10000 characters including terminating ‘<0>’.

FEATURE: New option in Class Browser Settings that allows to show/hide entities from included files. Class Browser Settings is available from the dropdown button on Class Browser toolbar. Objects from included files are now hidden by default.

FEATURE: The Window Previewer uses the state of the “UseVisualStyles” option in the window formatter to decide if to use visual styles or not when displaying the window

FEATURE:  The Related Files list in the relationship editor is now sorted depending on the dictionary options table sort order

IMPROVEMENT: Better highlighting of the header of a themed Listbox

IMPROVEMENT: Better error message when you try to use a Dll/Exe from one version of Clarion with a Dll/Exe from a different version

IMPROVEMENT: “Application” is now the default project when creating a new project

IMPROVEMENT: Do not try to bind identifiers when they are found inside string literals

IMPROVEMENT: Handling of abnormal exit from CW programs

IMPROVEMENT: Calculate optimal width of message box buttons if their texts are passed as strings

IMPROVEMENT: cwHHABC.TPW no longer needs to include cwhhl.inc in lib mode.  The cwhh.inc file has been changed to handle both lib and dll modes.

IMPROVEMENT: More intelligent closing of program or invoking the system debugger in case of ASSERT or run-time errors

IMPROVEMENT: Allowing to close the thread where exception occurred without necessity to close entire program

IMPROVEMENT: Better handling of HALT and STOP from threads other than main thread

IMPROVEMENT: Center texts vertically in listbox header with taking into account groups and multi-line headers

IMPROVEMENT: change the Save/Close App buttons icon to better distinguish it from other save icons
CHANGE: Make sure the timestamp of a Dct is preserved to help version control

CHANGE: The -aru switch to Clarioncl now takes an optional third parameter which is a string parameter to pass to the template utility

CHANGE: The Win32 redirection system now ignores empty directories specified when you do *.obj=;.obj to be consistent with how the C6 redirection system worked

CHANGE: The Goto Derived field button is no longer visible when adding a new field

CHANGE: The Window Previewer now uses the state of the “UseVisualStyles” option in the window formatter to decide if to use visual styles or not when displaying the window

CHANGE: Upgrade SVN addin to work with latest version of SVN

CHANGE: When you press the Add button when you are on a group or a queue in the dictionary editor or data pad and that group or queue has fields in it, then the newly added field will be added after the group/queue

CHANGE: workaround the PostgreSQL’s ODBC interface which would crash if you called SQLCOlumns and passed a NULL and set the length to SQL_NTS.

CHANGE: !!! code snippet made it very difficult to add multi-line XML comments.  Snippet changed to !!!<

CHANGE: Accessing an app file no longer changes the timestamp of the associated dct

CHANGE: Allow specifying the color to draw text of disabled items in flat menus

CHANGE: AppGen: Allow to specify a new procedure in the dialog to choose a procedure called in the embed

CHANGE: C%V%HTM%X% is now added to the initial list of lib files to ignore (LibIgnoreList.xml) when attempting to copy Dlls.

CHANGE: Change the cursor in the RTF control while mouse pointer is inside link

CHANGE: Do not expect that function called by #RUNDLL restores any general registers

CHANGE: Draw some texts using specified charset regardless of the current ACP codepage value

CHANGE: ENTRY/SPIN/COMBO on toolbar must lose focus on pressing the Esc key

CHANGE: Export to Text dialog now starts in the directory where the app resides

CHANGE: IDE Data Browser now uses the Clarion List control instead of the DGV

CHANGE: Make IniClass.critSect protected and IniClass.Remove(STRING,STRING) virtual to make it easier to create classes derived from IniClass

CHANGE: Make the default button consistent between the “Are you sure you want to delete” dialog and the “Confirm Delete” dialog

CHANGE: Most Recent list now removes .. and . from file names

CHANGE: Omitted charset component of the FONT attribute is treating as CHARSET:Default now (rather than CHARSET:ANSI) => omitted charset is inheriting from the owner’s font or SYSTEM. This change may cause necessity to modify CW2/C4 programs on converting to C7.x.

CHANGE: Refreshed Wizard Icon to use the C7 icon

CHANGE: Registry functions set the ERRORCODE value now

CHANGE: Show functions only (procedures returning result) defined in the application in the Formula Editor

CHANGE: Speed up the reading of ABC header files

CHANGE: Speed up structure loading in designers

CHANGE: Template button text for manifest settings now reads “Application Manifest”

CHANGE: Template Editor code folding improved speed of parsing.

CHANGE: The dictionary editor no longer warns you about deletion side effects if the effect is contained within the entity being deleted.  In other words deleting a file will no longer warn you that a key will be deleted

CHANGE: Updated icon for Save and Exit the application

CHANGE: Win32 project files would return relative paths rather than absolute paths causing problems with reloading solutions

CHANGE: allow parser to accept the incorrect USE attribute of form USE(?x,,?y) – used by templates in REPORT Date-Time Stamp control template

FIX: “Maximize/Restore Down” worked incorrectly in List Box Formatter.

FIX: “Underline” for Group works incorrectly in List Box Formatter.

FIX: #ERROR statement on creating a new procedure based on the procedure template with non-empty prototype

FIX: #ORDINAL attribute should not be created for COMMENT pseudo-controls

FIX: %BIN% was not being evaluated correctly by the Win32 redirection system for versions other than the current version of Clarion.

FIX: 2 controls cannot be selected for editing when opening TOA.

FIX: Addition of Detail and Break Group in Page Layout View should not be permitted.

FIX: Alert Key Editor was displaying in the Taskbar

FIX: An exception would be thrown when creating an app from a .Txa if the Clarion version was not set to Current

FIX: An exception was thrown when trying to import a .Dctx that has a field that was a reference to a queue, group or class

FIX: An exception was thrown if you moved the location of an installed version of Clarion and then tried to use that version without updating the options for that version

FIX: An exception was sometimes thrown if a text file that was open in the IDE was changed by another program

FIX: Incorrect controls could be added in Option in code and the structure validator did not catch it.

FIX: AppGen: Incorrect matching of formal and actual parameters if some leading parameters are omitted

FIX: Arrow buttons are active for Page Header, Detail, Page Footer and Report Form in TabOrderAssistant

FIX: Background for Toolbox equals Background for Window.

FIX: COMMAND(1) was returning the program name if you did not put .exe on the end of the command.

FIX: Clarioncl would fail if there was no default redirection file

FIX: Clarion template editor ignored the currently active version when searching for template files

FIX: Close views by pressing the X button on the workbench tab bar

FIX: Columns headers could be displayed not centered vertically if value of PROP:LineHeight is sufficiently less or greater than font size

FIX: Controls not visible in similar location as on a SHEET

FIX: Conversion of older C7 .Dct files to the current version did not work

FIX: Copy/Cut/Paste should be disconnected for Section in Page Layout View.

FIX: Creating an app from a corrupt txa did not report errors.

FIX: DATE_TIME was incorrectly listed as a valid data type when editing application variables

FIX: DELETE(fileName) would fail sometimes under Vista

FIX: Deleting a file that was used in a relationship and not all key components are mapped in the relationship sometimes would throw an exception

FIX: Deleting an alias that is used in a relationship would throw an exception

FIX: Designer: Arrows for “Spin” control were shown not correctly on the form.

FIX: Double click on Image control should activate “Select Image file to display”.

FIX: Ensure that EVENT:BuildKey is posted at least once per every key to build

FIX: Error occurs if Tabs add in the Sheet by means of Property “Tabs” – Collection.

FIX: Error, if Width for field = 9 numbers.

FIX: Error, if Indent for field = 10 numbers.

FIX: Exception throw when closing the EmbedsTreeDialog from the designer.

FIX: Expression editor was not showing the connecting lines when displaying global data

FIX: F1 works when adding items to a dictionary

FIX: Fixes in designers Undo/Redo

FIX: Forbid input of negative values for some properties List Box Formatter for “Combo”

FIX: Generator was using the wrong redirection file to load the template registry when loading an app

FIX: Handle multi-line groups of columns in List

FIX: Handling of TAB and ENTER keys in ENTRY controls placed on the toolbar

FIX: If Report Form adds in a Report first time without saved then Height of Report Form will not change.

FIX: If an include directive was not properly terminated in a .red file the wrong error message was displayed

FIX: If Listbox’s column has both scrollbar and right border, the border’s line is duplicating on scrolling this column to right

FIX: If property Disable is True for Sheet then it will not be visible on the form.

FIX: If several fields are selected, upon pressing DEL they should be removed.

FIX: If width of a field negative in a code then error arrears for list.

FIX: If you deleted a field that was over another field, derived from another field or had a validity check of Must be in File, then the field was not removed from the internal structures until you closed the dictionary editor, thus causing spurious warnings if you deleted other objects

FIX: If you added an alternate C7 Clarion for Windows version, the compiler list was not set up

FIX: Image of BackgroundImage for Window is not correctly placed on the form.

FIX: Incorrect file could be shown in the error message if DLL or entry in it was not found

FIX: Incorrect list-box declaration is generated by the browse wizard if the only displayable field is of MEMO type

FIX: Incorrect error reported by the CLW compiler if EQUATEd class label is used in implementation of interface method this class implements

FIX: It is impossible to choose some controls in Toolbar by means of the mouse.

FIX: List Format Dialog was displaying in the Taskbar

FIX: Listbox in MDI child window might not be redrawn on restoring of the minimized MDI frame

FIX: Lock Controls for Sections works incorrectly in a Page Layout View for Report.

FIX: Memory associated with the redirection system was not released as soon as possible when you edited a redirection file or loaded a file using File/Open File using Redirection.

FIX: Menubar and Toolbar can be moved with the the cursor in TOA.

FIX: Minimize of Sections works incorrectly.

FIX: Mode “Center” for BackgroundImage of control Toolbar works incorrectly.

FIX: Multi-line headers could be drawn incorrectly under certain conditions

FIX: PROP:PageAfter returned incorrect number

FIX: Pasting a group, queue or class definition into global data when there was global data coming from the dictionary would disrupt the global data stored in the app if you pasted the data at the top of the list or between 2 dictionary fields.

FIX: Populating List on a SHEET is the incorrect parent

FIX: Possible problems on attempt to edit complex WINDOW or REPORT structure

FIX: Possible infinite loop on generating a report for a file when the only displayable field is of MEMO type

FIX: Procedure prototype could be parsed incorrectly if default parameter values are string literals or expressions

FIX: Processing of resource files could clear some linker’s global data

FIX: Property “Scrollbars” for Combo and List worked incorrectly.

FIX: Required Runtime redrawing of ENTRY/SPIN/COMBO controls could not be performed sometimes

FIX: RestrictServer and DeleteServer RI constraints were not read when importing a dictionary from .Dctx format

FIX: SHEETs could be not redrawn after changing certain properties

FIX: SVN addin did not support https

FIX: Scrollbar of listbox’s column/group could be not redrawn on changing the format string

FIX: Single-line TEXT controls could be not selected with the mouse under Windows7

FIX: Some controls shift their location if you change some properties for Application

FIX: Some controls change size if some properties for the Window change.

FIX: Source Editor; several fixes in Search/Replace

FIX: Specifying more than one alternative name in a field’s NAME attribute of an SQL table would cause a GPF

FIX: Switching Band Views – missing functionality

FIX: Template Editor: If template or functions has no content collapsing the region will not work

FIX: Templates” empty () in the Parameters was showing a false error “The prototype and the parameters does not have the same number of variables”

FIX: The CURSOR attribute was documented for PROMPT and STRING controls but were never supported for them

FIX: The CURSOR and TIP attributes were documented for GROUP and OPTION controls but were never supported for them

FIX: The Data Pad did not update when you changed the name of a dictionary using File/Save As.

FIX: The Data Pad could throw an exception when terminating the IDE

FIX: The Derived From list in the field editor was empty the first time you edited a field that had fields derived from it

FIX: The FORMAT string checked for multi-line headers of fields (not groups), but height of header was forced to one line (Headers are breaking to lines by the ‘<10>’ character)

FIX: The IDE would crash if you opened a solution that contained app files, then closed all open apps, then opened a new solution that contained apps without first closing the solution

FIX: The IDE would sometimes lock up after closing an app

FIX: The IDE would throw an exception if you cancelled out of an app and then immediately reopened it

FIX: The MSSQL synchronizer could crash if column names were very small (1 character or sometimes 2 characters long)

FIX: The SQL drivers could cause a Function Sequence Error if you issued a SELECT statement using PROP:SQL on a table that had a primary key that had a key component that was a TIME, DATE or timestamp field

FIX: The SoftVelocity.winprev was referencing an .ico file that could not be found via the default redirection file

FIX: The Up and Down arrows for moving items in the dictionary editor and the data pad were enabled more often than they should

FIX: The choice of controls from Detail and Report Form in Page Layout View should be forbid.dden

FIX: The conversion program generated by the dct editor did not work if the file contained pictured fields

FIX: The debugger did not load/use the redirection system properly when debugging products built with other versions of Clarion other than the current version

FIX: The debugger would crash if you attempted to debug a program that could not be loaded into memory

FIX: The descriptions for the clarioncl /agc and /agd switches were wrong

FIX: The entry controls on the TPS Fix Wizard were not refreshed as often as necessary

FIX: The formula parser used case sensitive comparison of functions labels

FIX: The formula parser not allowed extra spaces between tokens in the call’s parameter list

FIX: The list of files when picking a file in generator was not sorted based on the dictionary sort options

FIX: The name of the backup directory reported as being used to backup a conversion file was wrong if the file was a TopSpeed table within a super-file

FIX: The Oracle driver would ask for connection details multiple times if the owner attribute did not include server/host name

FIX: The position of the RadioButton does not change after copying from one Option into another.

FIX: The select Txa dialog was not opening in the directory where the app was to be created in when you used the “Application from Txa” new solution option

FIX: The vertical line at the left in a Page Layout View for Report should not be moved if scrolling.

FIX: The version information stored in the Dct did not have the correct build number

FIX: The window previewer did not work on window structures where the text for the Window title was a variable

FIX: Tooltips were not displayed for ENTRY/SPIN/COMBO controls

FIX: Undo last action works incorrectly for control “Line”.

FIX: Unhandled Exception occurred if to remove Report in Page Layout View.

FIX: Unhandled exception occurred if value of the AT attribute is not integer.

FIX: Unhandled Exception occurred if to add 2 Lines and press Undo last action.

FIX: Upgrading a C7 dictionary would randomly fail

FIX: Width of group of LIST columns could be decreased under certain conditions on getting PROP:Format

FIX: Win32 redirection system could cause system instability if a .red file did not finish with <cr><lf>

FIX: Window Previewer did not display non-English characters correctly

FIX: Window/Report changes made in the designers did not affect the text of WINDOW/REPORT sent to the full editor

FIX: Writing to .Dctx did not work if there was a group that was derived from another group

FIX: You could not save changes to a dictionary once you had browsed a table until you closed the dictionary and reopened it

FIX: You could not convert a TopSpeed table contained within a super-file, if the name of the file did not include an extension

FIX: You could not close the IDE after exporting an app to text from the Application menu when an app was still open

FIX: You could not set a <NoLink> mapping to a field once the relationship had been created

FIX: You could not add fields to an existing table using the synchronizer

FIX: You were asked if you wanted to save changes to the .Dct when you pressed the green tick

FIX: field should be selected by the right click of the mouse.

FIX: focus on columns in List Box Formatter.

FIX: handle special drawing of an icon as a system menu’s item

FIX: incorrect message in the status bar when the app was unloaded.

FIX: incorrect error message was displayed when generator detects that an app is already open
PTSS 10507: Cloned PROGRESS control could cause the “division by zero” exception

PTSS 12481: Status bar could be not redrawn immediately after changing the active MDI child window

PTSS 12562: Probable stack overflow on execution of the %ExtractFieldsToBindFromText #GROUP

PTSS 12583: Possible infinite loop on ROLLBACK

PTSS 20447: Line X/Y written incorrectly

PTSS 20448: Behavior change

PTSS 20553: Radio control in window formatter

PTSS 20632: Different Versions of “Clarion.ico” will not load in the WD

PTSS 20704: Buttons not showing as MultiLine in Designer

PTSS 30073: Structure locks up IDE

PTSS 30188: The Basic driver would corrupt memory if you had a string where the number of “s in the string was greater than 258 – length of the string modulo 255.

PTSS 30327: There were chances to post too many messages to thread’s message queue if program posts at least 1 event for each invoking of ACCEPT loop

PTSS 30346: Save As did not work in the dictionary editor

PTSS 30494: The TopSpeed driver would crash rather than reporting an error on some corrupt TPS files

PTSS 30532: fix for 800000xx colors in Designer

PTSS 30632: Auto incrementing key values were not returned from ADD if the file had a memo stored in the same file as the data or used the OEM attribute

PTSS 31243: IDE was displaying an exception dialog, plus other unnecessary dialogs when loading of an app was cancelled.

PTSS 31383: Conditional formulas with nested sub-expressions

PTSS 31441: Embeds for code/data of new methods of local objects could be linked into Embed Tree incorrectly

PTSS 31471: Sometimes the list of fields was incomplete when trying to add a key component

PTSS 31504: Control Template Pad – Populating without dragging

PTSS 31794: Make file list selection for Individual File Overrides show in alphabetical order

PTSS 31796: Position of controls hard to track

PTSS 31841: A heap corruption error was sometimes thrown when trying to convert a file

PTSS 31848: Wallpaper converted incorrectly

PTSS 32116: Move a button from tab to window did not show warning message…..

PTSS 32130: Offset throws error message when it should default to 0

PTSS 32419: The screen picture, screen controls and report controls were not generated for data created using #LOCALDATA or #GLOBALDATA

PTSS 32437: Sometimes the list of fields was incomplete when trying to add a key component

PTSS 32448: Template Editor Code folding didn’t create region for upper case/lower case functions

PTSS 32499: CE characters in Listbox header

PTSS 32592: State of buttons on the Extensions page could be not refreshed after deleting the only extension

PTSS 32634: TRN on STRING not working in report designer

PTSS 32734: CE characters in Listbox header

PTSS 32737: STRING gets serialized wrong if “VariableString” property is set to FALSE

PTSS 32759: No GREY atrribute doesn’t work

PTSS 32761: No EntryPattern (MASK) property available on controls.

PTSS 32827: Page Layout View blanks visible fields on Save

PTSS 32906: Control template pad scroll to bottom

PTSS 32907: Instant Feedback from Designers

PTSS 32990: Windows lose controls, loss of standard clarion behaviour

PTSS 33022: Tab order in the field editor improved

PTSS 33051: Center Justification not working properly

PTSS 33099: Report formatted numeric display

PTSS 33102: Forcing of MENUBAR’s font color caused problems with displaying menus using non-Latin characters

PTSS 33112: Updating the text of the control on the shared toolbar can cause a cross-thread SendMessage which cannot be completed because of waiting for a critical section

PTSS 33203: Cancel to add a break Group doesn’t work

PTSS 33211: Wrong reproduce of some Cyrillic symbols in Window Designer

PTSS 33223: Fails to detect global extension changed

PTSS 33270: New functionality for the Expression Editor

PTSS 33329: More strict handling of malformed and not-canonical (with embedded comment, default values of parameters as string literals, etc.) prototype text

PTSS 33344: Listboxer Formatter loses Euro-Sign (

PTSS 33345: Smart Tag Feature “Show tab order” should be added in the context menu of bands.

PTSS 33351: Wrong icons on Spin box

PTSS 33385: checkbox and transparent in designer

PTSS 33418: Update Application Properties information after import from TXA

PTSS 33488: Window painter ignores DCT field settings

PTSS 33502: Populate fields on tab

PTSS 33516:    Large Font not correctly displayed in Edit Control

PTSS 33530: Justification not working properly

PTSS 33545: Cannot create browse control on a tab

PTSS 33553: Unexpected “duplicate symbol” error could be reported at link time

PTSS 33578: Forcing of MENUBAR’s font color caused problems with displaying menus using non-Latin characters

PTSS 33584: Registered events are processed by the registered handler before they are passed to the ACCEPT loop

PTSS 33598: Template Editor code folding didn’t create region for upper case/lower case functions

PTSS 33653: Manual Entry of ICON does not work

PTSS 33661: Report formatted numeric display

PTSS 33663: List Box Formater initiate state for Resizeable and RightBorder and other sets to FALSE

PTSS 33669: Incorrect declarations of BITMAP and BITMAPINFOHEADER structures

PTSS 33669: Incorrect declarations of BITMAP and BITMAPINFOHEADER structures

PTSS 33677: Quick ClassBrowser dropdowns empty

PTSS 33686: Changing the properties of Window changes size of entry controls that are on a TAB

PTSS 33688: Right click on window caption does not show popup menu

PTSS 33689: Double click on controls does not bring up embeds

PTSS 33696: Stored WINDOW/REPORT attributes were not updated correctly after changing WINDOW/REPORT declaration

PTSS 33698: Saving window properties TILED Wallpaper

PTSS 33699: Problem with adding the options to an option group

PTSS 33701: Clarioncl would sometimes fail to register templates if multiple /tr switches were supplied on the command line

PTSS 33714: WORKAROUND : UNICOM Dll is posting a message that clashes with the RTL.

PTSS 33716: No Keystroke Exit on Edit Picture

PTSS 34421: PROPPRINT working incorrectly

PTSS 33718: Template Editor code folding missing some block statements

PTSS 33729: Tab Indent with dialog, one line too many

PTSS 33738: Block Indent does not save indent value

PTSS 33754: Can not open window designer with sub menu

PTSS 33774: version resource template problem

PTSS 33786: version resource template problem

PTSS 33805: When you add a string to a window and assign it a use variable the screen’s picture should change to display the use variable.

PTSS 33807: remove leading spaces before matching result of free input into entry control with @D or @T picture – for compatibility with previous CW versions

PTSS 33810: Draw disabled STRING controls grayed

PTSS 33811: Ability to use ENTER as well as CTRL-ENTER to add a blank line to a tool tip when editing application data

PTSS 33814: Vertical gradient brush was used incorrectly to draw normal menubar background and selected item background

PTSS 33827: Cannot drop a column from Datapad on to a Box control

PTSS 33828: Populating a line on a report has a default value of 1000 for both Width and Height

PTSS 33829: Gradients applied incorrectly to Menubar

PTSS 33846: Incorrect emulation of template language statements to get data about files in the procedure

PTSS 33858: an exception was thrown if the redirection file had a line like *.lib = ..otherdir

PTSS 33859: sub-menu items not correctly disabled

PTSS 33878: Add to button tasks

PTSS 33885: Listbox data indent problems

PTSS 33885: Right justified text in columns outside groups was shifted 1 pixel right

PTSS 33898: Add Justification to Edit text and Icon

PTSS 33903: Tab Key not active on toolbar in C7

PTSS 33923: C7 needs automatic Center and Default Width/Height

PTSS 33924: Generator was sometimes loosing the @ at the beginning of the screen picture

PTSS 33929: open window and report error

PTSS 33934: Arrow keys dont work in window designer toolbar

PTSS 33943: Can not display screen structure but can compile

PTSS 33961: The Window Previewer default controls list now includes defaults for date and time picture entry controls

PTSS 33966: Difference between Structure Designer and compiled app

PTSS 33973: Opening window each time adds a SYSTEM MENU

PTSS 33981: Fix the problem in the work around for the error in Windows implementation of the EM_REPLACESEL message in RTF controls of version 4.1

PTSS 33981: Fix the problem in the work around for the error in Windows implementation of the EM_REPLACESEL message in RTF controls of version 4.1

PTSS 33982: You are now warned that deleting a GROUP or a QUEUE or changing it’s data type will cause all its components to be deleted

PTSS 34005: Hide Hidden Controls button showing fields improperly

PTSS 34023: Cannot use arrows on “Text” field on toolbox properties

PTSS 34028: Changing window font corrupt AT() when more that 1 tabs

PTSS 34036: When Group are use in listbox, please center vertically title that are not in the group

PTSS 34067: Incorrect usage of the %ControlParameter symbol

PTSS 34077: Source code remains and generates errors after a TAB control with a browse box on TAB is deleted

PTSS 34091: Controls within Group

PTSS 34092: Text control property PAD allows Alignment Indent parameter

PTSS 34102: Masked input was not initialized completely for @K picture if entry control had no the MASK attribute

PTSS 34112: Symbol information was not set after designating prefixed fields of some reference types

PTSS 34133: First non-blank character in template source line could be skipped during generation

PTSS 34138: GPF could occur after refreshing the Embed Tree if selected row corresponded to a template response item

PTSS 34144: Adding items to a Browse Box should default to Right Border, Resizable

PTSS 34148: List box formatter does not select items as in C6

PTSS 34158: The Window Previewer now warns you about missing files rather than just saying it cannot display the window structure

PTSS 34163: Extra EVENT:Accepted could be generated on leaving focus from combo-boxes

PTSS 34197: CHANGE: Provide additional info (in the Messagebox title) on querying “Are you sure?” on deleting an embed or a formula

PTSS 34198: The prefix of an alias’s field was not correct when dragging the field from the data pad if the alias was in the Other Files list

PTSS 34204: New C71 Properties Pad a little less user friendly – duplicates attributes.

PTSS 34205: GetTempFileName could create a 0-length file

PTSS 34212: PROPPRINT:Copies did not worked applied to Reports

PTSS 34219: Prompt is too long and it hides the drop-box from mouse

PTSS 34222: CHANGE: Procedures -> Calls in context menu

PTSS 34233: Toolbar gets duplicated when you open enough MDI tabbed windows

PTSS 34266: Mimic C6 listbox headers as much as possible

PTSS 34270: Various dialogs in the data pad and dictionary editor allowed the dialog to be minimized

PTSS 34278: Try to adjust font size in twips returned by the RTF control for more precise its conversion to points.

PTSS 34297: Frame caption buttons

PTSS 34307: The SQL drivers did not parse SELECT<10><13> correctly

PTSS 34335: Global data could be set to type MEMO or BLOB

PTSS 34357: Orphaned embeds could appear on adding the USE attribute to previously anonymous controls.

PTSS 34359: Windows type TCHAR in non-Unicode case is __signed__ character

PTSS 34369: The code generated for the dct convert program can now be compiled with older versions of Clarion, not just Clarion 7.x

PTSS 34370: The window Previewer could not preview a frame in an app that had toolbar items with a #SEQ attribute

PTSS 34379: Forcing of MENUBAR’s font color caused problems with displaying menus using non-Latin characters

PTSS 34394: GPF – Interop Example

PTSS 34404: Parsing the OVER attribute for nested fields from TXA

PTSS 34407: If button’s draw mode is OSdraw, WM_SETTEXT must be routed to Windows

PTSS 34416: Incorrect usage of the EXTRACT function in some templates

PTSS 34417:  Use of new conditional code generation breaks templates when used with C6.

PTSS 34212: fixed setting of PROPPRINT:Copies to report, not to PRINTER

PTSS 34437: Forcing of MENUBAR’s font color caused problems with displaying menus using non-Latin characters

PTSS 34439: Setting X Center or Y Center to True doesn’t change the other

PTSS 34445: Changing window width using Properties

PTSS 34466: The formula parser not supported omitted omittable parameters for user functions

PTSS 34467: An exception was thrown when terminating the IDE after using the formula editor

PTSS 34473: Incorrect deleting of a formula from the formula list

PTSS 34539: Disable/enable buttons to invoke designer or editor for procedure’s window and report depending from their status

PTSS 34545: Structure Designer cannot edit complex window

PTSS 34562: You could only enter screen and row pictures up to 20 characters in length.  The new limit is 255

PTSS 34588: Incorrect building of binary presentation of WINDOW/REPORT if a comment is the first line in a compound structure

PTSS 30062: Pre and Post build events did not work for Win32 projects

PTSS 30702: finding fields in files could fail

11 thoughts on “7.1 preliminary release notes and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Good work SV! If you keep up this excellent work then I am going to be “forced” to upgrade from 6 to 7.1. I am bored and need something new to play with!

  2. Suddenly, I am looking forward to 7.1 – This is quite a good list of stuff. Great work, SV!

  3. Great work, SV. That’s a long list.

    In the PTSS, 34430 has Status “Feature Implemented” but is not in your preliminary release notes. Does that mean the release notes are not exhaustive and that this and other PTSS entries are done but not in the notes? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Philip for pointing that one out, the notes in the PTSS report should have described that the implementation is done using the Clarioncl helper program (not via DDE).
      There are likely a few others missing from that list that need to be added/clarified.

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