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Clarion10 – beta 10

Yesterday we released the 10th beta – and very likely the last before the gold release.  One of the changes was the addition of two exports in Win32.lib; GetProcessID and SetProcessorAffinityMask.  From emails sent into support we know that at least 1 (possibly more) 3rd party tools ship a .lib file with those same exports.  That means you’ll get duplicate symbol errors if you use one of the 3rd party tools that export those symbols.  We are getting in touch with all 3rd party devs to alert them those entries need to be removed from their .lib files.

In the meantime, if you run into the errors it is very easy to use LibMaker to remove them.  Support staff made a ~1 minute video that walks you through it.

Clarion 10 – beta 5

Clarion 10 – beta 5 is on its way out.  In addition to bug fixes this release has the new template support for the TCP/IP Sockets class.  So now you can easily create a socket server and clients, and communicate by sending messages or data to individual stations or broadcast to all connected clients. (EE only)

The examples install was also updated and includes a sample ‘Chat’ app, that uses the new sockets templates. If you previously installed the new C10 examples, please uninstall the old examples as we have revamped the folder structure and removed some older examples (for email and SMS) that referenced INCLUDE files that had been renamed (hence they will fail to compile).

The JSON class is also updated and adds new some new functionality for nested GROUPs and conversion of empty strings to the JSON keyword value ‘null’. (JSON class is EE only)

We also corrected a problem in the Amazon S3 example. (S3 support is EE only)

Clarion 10 beta is out!

Clarion 10 was released today (beta 3) to all users!  Most accessory vendors have already announced that they have C10 compatible versions of their products ready for download.  Check the C10 Help file topic: What’s New in this version->What’s new in Clarion 10 for the highlights and the readme file for a more complete list.

Clarion 9.1 update

We released an update for 9.1 today (build .11457), including an important fix for Docked windows and some tweaks in the IDE.  You can view the changes here.

We plan to release an alpha build of Clarion 10 next week.  I’ll be writing separate posts on what’s new in C10 in the coming days.


Clarion 9.1 update available today

An update to 9.1 is being released today, it has some useful fixes, many of which have already been field tested by the developers who reported them.

The complete list of fixes is here.

Digging deeper into Touch

Clarion developers don’t need to add any code to support touch input. The C9 Templates generate all the code needed to respond to touch gestures, so existing Apps just need a regenerate with C9 to become touch-enabled. But its easy for Clarion devs to add more specialized responses and touch “features” to their apps by working with these new additions to the RTL –

  • new event; EVENT:Pointer
  • new built-in function; POINTERDATA()
  • new SYSTEM property; PROP:PointerInterface

For more details on what the RTL exposes to your apps I refer you to this previous post.  If you don’t have the time to read it right now then I’d just like to point out this one excerpt:

They (Gartner) predict that Windows will grab 39 percent of the tablet market in 2016. You can be sure that you’ll have many users wanting to run your Clarion apps on their (Win8 Pro – x86 based) tablet. 

So roughly speaking they are predicting there will be about 5 million users on Windows tablets.  Even if they are off by a million or so, its inevitable that touch and tablets are in your future, and its a good bet that some of those tablet users will be your end users.

If those numbers catch your interest then you probably should download and build this example

The example shows how to use the interfaces contained in the touch.* source files (located in your .\libsrc folder).  It provides a nice look at some of the new features your apps can now support for an optimal “touch” experience (above and beyond the support the RTL provides automatically).



Clarion 9.1 updated

An update to 9.1 is being released today, there are a few important fixes;

FIX: A random “missing pure virtual” exception could be thrown by the evaluator
FIX: Possible lockup if Listbox height is enough to show only one record but the row is multiple lines
FIX: SETDROPID could work incorrectly on dragging between 2 Clarion applications
FIX: The application generator could not open an app after you edited its dct and deleted a file that had aliases.

The complete list is here.

Clarion 9.1 update is out today

An update to 9.1 is being released today, here are a few of the more important fixes;
FIX: OLE Automation could be treated as side-by-side instead of an OLE server in a separate process

This fixes OLE server automation, such as automating MS Office components, and came about as a result of the support added for registration-free COM.  Surprisingly even after months of beta testing this wasn’t found until after the 9.1 gold release.

And these two, related to problems with either unusually large amounts of Procedure data, or .APPs where templates have been unregistered without removing the associated embed code:

FIX: Possible IDE lockup when there is very large number (hundreds) of local/global variables/tables in the Procedure and the IDE is processing the closing of an embed.
FIX: Possible failure on closing APP if embed tree with orphan embeds has been touched.

There are many other fixes and changes, you can see the full list here.

And of note for those using SQL backends;
FEATURE: The Clarion to SQL converter now converts the following operators for the specific drivers –
% (Modulo) All drivers
^ (Power) Pervasive SQL, Oracle
& (Concatenate) All drivers. *Note that ODBC uses the ANSI standard ||
XOR (Exclusive OR) SQLAnywhere, MSSQL

Clarion 9.1 Gold release

After a long and very thorough test cycle involving  thousands of users, Clarion 9.1 Gold is released today!   From the implementation of support for the Win8 API for accepting Touch input, to the new support for Registration-Free COM, and the new i64 family of functions, this is a very important release. All told there were almost 350 public fixes/changes/features implemented.

The release today includes additional changes/fixes and enhancements since the last beta release. View the complete list here.

To learn more about 9.1 you can read some of these older posts:


Clarion 9.1 update on it’s way out

A final pre-release for 9.1 is on it’s way out this afternoon. Next week we’ll release updates to all add-on products, and some new examples.

There’s a last batch of changes and fixes, as well as a few new features, and you can read the complete list here:

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